Blind sports and classification – an optometry perspective

07 Aug 2021
11:00 am - 11:30 am

Blind sports and classification – an optometry perspective

Presentation Outline

Classification is an integral part of blind sports; to ensure as even a ‘playing field’ as possible and the inclusion of all disabled athletes.  All patients experiencing vision impairment are encouraged to participate in blind sports, and those who meet the standards are able to compete in internationally recognised events, including the Paralympic Games.  Vision impaired sports classes are determined by two visual functions, acuity and fields.  This lecture will outline the common classification processes, describe some recreational and competitive blind sports, while also providing some referral suggestions for optometrists who seek a blind sport for their vision impaired patients.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the presentation, participants should be able to:

Understand the need for and  process of classification in blind sports

List some adaptations to sports and recreation activities that enable participation by vision impaired athletes, and list some recognised blind sports

Discuss blind sports with vision impaired athletes, and provide referral to a recreational or competitive blind sports organisation


Therapeutic – No


Event Topics

Low Vision

Occupational Optometry (incl. Driving/Transport/Safety Eyewear)

Personal Development (Non-Clinical)